Ronascreen 1400 Series UV Curable Etch Resist


Ronascreen 1400 etch resists are formulated to resist attack by acidic and ammoniacal etchants up to pH 9.5. Ronascreen 1400 is rapidly stripped by dilute sodium hydroxide and the resulting solution does not block filters or interfere with the operation of re-cycling systems.

• Cured films are easily stripped into fine particles by a range of inorganic and organic bases.
• Fast, low energy curing gives a dry surface permitting PCBs to be stacked without “blocking”.
• Strong colour gives good contrast against the metallic substrates for easy inspection.
• A range of viscosity and thixotropic index values are available to suit all printing requirements.

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Ronascreen 1400 Series UV Curable Etch Resist
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