Electra Polymers

What sets Electra apart from other polymer resist and coating manufacturers is the quality and responsiveness of our innovation, R&D and technical support.

For many companies innovation is a word overplayed by their marketing departments. At Electra, fast-paced innovation is the cornerstone of our approach to R&D, resulting in us being at the forefront of PCB and Electronic resist development for over 30 years.

Our ink chemists and process engineers are actively involved in projects targeted at incremental and step-change developments in PCB and Wafer Level technologies as well as growing opportunities within the Printed Electronics field.

Whatever their size or wherever their location, our customers share a common goal: to constantly improve their production processes, so that sophisticated designs are manufactured in the fastest, most reliable, most repeatable and least expensive manner.

Electra’s development & support teams are dedicated to helping our customers achieve this goal.