Ronascreen 1400/5160 Flexible UV Curable Etch Resist


Ronascreen 1400/5160 Flex is a blue, acid resistant, flexible etch resist for use on flexible PCBs, membrane switches and printed electronics. Suitable as a resist over a number of substrates including copper, aluminium and ITO, it is rapidly stripped by solutions of alkali hydroxides or strong organic bases.
Ronascreen 1400/5160 is formulated to allow high squeegee speeds and cure rates with NO compromise on print definition, etch resistance or ease of stripping.

• Highly flexible, crack resistant film.
• Easy and fast stripping in sodium hydroxide as well as organic bases suitable for aluminium.
• Optimise viscosity and thixotropic index to give well defined print features.

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Ronascreen 1400/5160 Flexible UV Curable Etch Resist
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Ronascreen 1400/5160 Flex - SDS11070
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