Ronascreen 1300 Series Flexible Coverlay


Ronascreen 1300 Series of UV curable inks are formulated for use as covercoats on polyester based flexible printed circuits and membrane switches. The inks are widely used for automotive printed wiring applications and are approved by many car producers and component suppliers. The inks are polymerised by exposure to ultraviolet light giving exceptionally flexible films with good adhesion to copper and base laminate.

1301 General purpose products for flexible circuits.
1305 Recommended where circuits are subjected to mass soldering techniques.

• Screen-print characteristics are developed and controlled using computerized rheology equipment. Products optimised for high-speed reel-to-reel printing (3000 prints per hour) or flat-bed printing to extremely tight tolerances.

• 100% solids formulation means there is no solvent to evaporate, 1300 Series will not dry in the screen, allowing continuous long runs and the elimination of mid-shift clean-ups. 100% solids allow excellent track coverage.

• 1300 Series print characteristics allow excellent track encapsulation and fill, avoiding skips and/or micro bubbles.

Technical Data Sheet:

Ronascreen 1300 series
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Ronascreen 1301 - SDS11234
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