End of November in a Productronica year means only one thing…..e-mailing potential leads and following conversations with customers and distributors.
This year’s show yielded three interesting observations. First….undeniable evidence of global warming, no coat, no scarf, no gloves and people sitting outside in the evening as the days reached a barmy 18°C.
Second was the continued interest in direct image soldermask and LED white soldermasks, both for conventional exposing and direct image.
The final observation was the amount of solid leads and quality attendees at this year’s show. I for one feel quality is better than quantity at trade shows and this year’s Productronica did not disappoint.

All in all I feel this year was a good one for Electra and Productronica, with continued interest in some of our key development areas, namely DI and LED soldermasks, but also the buzz created from the very exciting announcement of a joint development agreement between Electra and Agfa for Inkjet PCB Soldermask.

Ashley Steers – Sales Manager EMEA