Ronascreen 1600 UV Curable Soldermask


A screenable UV curable solder mask, specifically formulated for use in the high speed production of copper only PCBs. The product is fast-curing, suitable for use on semi-automatic and fully automatic printing equipment and is resistant to bleed. Ronascreen 1600 series inks exhibit good adhesion and resistance soldering processes.

Surface hardness 4H Pencil
Adhesion on copper 100/100 Cross-hatch test
Water absorption 0.2% maximum
Surface resistivity 1 x 1014 ohms
Volume resistivity 1 x 1016 ohms cm2/cm
Dielectric constant 1.5 (1 MHz)
Dissipation factor 0.02 (1 MHz)
Dielectric strength 60v/micron
UL Approved flammability class 94 V-O

Technical Data Sheet:

Ronascreen 1600 series
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