EM55 Series Peelable Resists


EM55 Peelables are formulated to provide temporary protection for selected areas against hot air solder levelling and wave soldering. They are also used for protection during certain plating processes.
EM55 is an extremely cost effective alternative to the process of masking board areas by tape against unwanted solder pickup or galvanic deposit.
EM55 is formulated to resist multiple soldering operations/heat processes typically seen during SMD-mixed assembly, without excessive hardening and poor removal from the laminate surface, connection holes or between keypad fingers.

EM55/5296 Blue is specifically formulated to permit low temperature curing down to 120ºC

• High resistance to lead-free processes (>10s at 275ºC without residue or breakdown).
• 100% Solids, solvent free system.
• High elasticity and tear strength before and after multiple heat cycles.

Technical Data Sheet:

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EM55/2095 B UV - SDS10502
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EM55/2235 - SDS10596
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