EFP140 LDI Direct Image Photoimageable Soldermask


EFP140 is a liquid photoimageable soldermask, which has been formulated for use in the manufacture of flexible, flex-rigid PCBs and BGA packages using polyimide substrates.
Optimised exposure characteristics deliver high levels of through-cure at low energy levels without compromise in surface hardness or chemical resistance.

• Excellent flexibility.
• Fine solder-dam resolution (50?m, 2mil).
• Resistant to multiple soldering operations.
• Resistance to Pb-Free, ENIG & Sn Processes.
• RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free.
• RoHS and fully REACH compliant versions with no TGIC or other SVHC content.

Technical Data Sheet:

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EFP140/5644 G LDI - SDS20285
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EFP140/5745 T AS DI - SDS20393
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