Durashield V42 Monofiller Heavy Copper Dielectric Paste


Durashield V42 Monofiller is a UV-sensitive dielectric material designed as a deep trench, insulating filler for thick copper (400 micron, 12 oz) PCBs. The product is a pre-mixed, single-pack system. and has been used in high volume manufacture of automotive PCBs for many years with over 20 million square feet produced and in the field.

• Rapid through-cure for high through-put production.
• Crack resistant, flexible film allow post cure punching and drilling.
• Adhesion to copper, epoxy and resin-interlayer substrates.
• Thermal shock & solder resistance to high temperature Pb-free processing.
• Meets IEC 68-2-38 Z/AD composite temperature/humidity cyclic test on 400um copper PCBs.

Technical Data Sheet:

Durashield V42 Monofiller
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V42 Monofiller - SDS10919
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