Durashield V42 2-Pack Epoxy Soldermask


Durashield V 42 Mask is a low VOC, thermally-curable soldermask. It is designed to act as the soldermask finish on all types of PCB including the thick copper circuitry often used within the automotive industry.

• 2-pack epoxy chemistry gives excellent adhesion to bare copper & epoxy-based surfaces.
• Excellent print definition through a wide variety of screen meshes.
• Hard surface at elevated temperatures and high resistance to surface damage.
• Excellent resistance to all multiple soldering processes including lead free.
• Long pot-file of at least 48 hours at 20°C.
• Increased screen stability prevents mid-shift wash-ups or staining of screen mesh.
• Coatings may be cured using convection or infrared heat sources.
• Meets IEC 68-2-38 Z/AD composite temperature/humidity cyclic test on 400um copper PCBs.

Technical Data Sheet:

Durashield V42 Mask
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