Forced lock-down measures implemented by the UK Government on 23rd March do not affect Electra. We continue to operate office, lab, manufacturing and distribution facilities as normal.

Many of our customers are classed as essential businesses due to their links with medical, military and critical infrastructure sectors. As such we anticipate being classed in the same category should the government impose a wider lock-down in the future.
In fact we are already supplying specialist inks to companies actively working on the manufacture of technologies to aid detection and treatment of COVID-19.

Electra has implemented an extensive CV/COVID-19 policy and action plan to limit the impact of the virus as well as its introduction and spread within the organisation.
Thank you for your loyalty and trust during this difficult time.
In the meantime, stay well and healthy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Shaun Tibbals
Sales & Marketing Director